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The CEC (Community Enhancement Committee) supports worthwhile causes within Manitoba. Funds raised by the CEC are done through separate fundraising activities such as our annual golf tournament. These funds do not come out of membership dues. The committee receives requests from interested parties looking for funding for their cause. If approved, the committee will provide funds on behalf of the membership. The Association gives annually to organizations such as the Christmas Cheer Board, Siloam Mission, Winnipeg Harvest, and Cancer Care Manitoba as examples. A big thank you goes out to all our members (and their families) that have assisted us in our fundraising efforts. If you know of a person or organization that is looking for funding they can send a written request to the committee for consideration.


• The mission of the Community Enhancement Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Committee”) is to provide charitable assistance and donations to the community through the funds raised by that committee.


• The Committee shall be responsible for using Charity Fund monies in a sound, economical manner.
• The Chairman of the Committee shall have authority to act on behalf of the MUCDA with respect to charitable contributions up to disbursements of $1,000.00. Any amounts over this limit will require approval from the MUCDA Executive committee.
• The Committee is responsible for the charity having procedures and internal controls that are adequate for the nature and scale of the charity’s activities. The Committee should manage and account for the charity’s resources well and deploy them to the best advantage of its present and future Beneficiaries.  


• No charity should use its resources for any activities which do not contribute, directly or indirectly, to achieving its stated aims. Donations which are received in response to a public appeal should be used by the Committee in   accordance with the terms of that appeal. Funds donated for the general purposes of the charity may be used more generally toward achieving the charity’s aims.
• The Committee should act without regard to their personal interests. They should act solely in the interests of their charity, regardless of how or by whom they were appointed.
• The Committee should conduct its external relations, fund-raising and publicity in a way that enhances its own reputation and that of charities generally.


All requests to the committee must be in writing. You can send written requests via email
Applications for funds can be sent to The Community enhancement Committee care of:

The Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association
PO Box 53023 RPO South St. Vital
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 3X2

Downloadable funding request form

Types of Programs We Will Not Consider:

• Debt reduction
• Endowments or memorials
• Bridge funding or interim financing
• Partisan, political lobbying or legislative activities
• Fraternal, sectarian and religious organizations where the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organization’s own members or adherents, or where the grant is intended for inherently religious activities
• Legal expenses incurred in any action by or against the organization
• General construction or renovation (unrelated to a specific proposed project or program)
• General capital campaigns (unrelated to a specific proposed project or program)

Our guidelines are continuing to evolve, and CEC reserves the right to change its criteria subject to board approval.

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