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Code of Ethics

A professional trade association of registered used car sales organizations is organized to promote the continued growth and perpetuation of its members through the strengthening of their sales, marketing and management skills;  to dramatize to the automotive industry, to customers and suppliers, the advantages to them of doing business through registered used car sales organizations.

To further these objectives and bring them within practical reach of its members, the association develops and maintains programs and activities designed to help them conduct their businesses in an ethical, efficient and productive manner. To implement these worthy goals, members of the Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association voluntarily subscribe to a code of ethics which urges them:

· To encourage free enterprise and unselfish service to the public and to the industry.

· To strive continually to promote the image of the industry; in the local community and on regional and provincial levels.

· To make the greatest contribution possible to the safety and welfare of the public in the purchase of the industry's products and services,

· To support all efforts to improve the industry's products and services.

· To advertise and sell the merits of the industry's products and services; and to refrain from attacking unfairly the products, services or methods of doing business of others.

· To reveal all material facts and to refrain from the use of misleading advertising or innuendo in advertising and selling, to ensure that products or services are fully understood by the consuming public.

· To fulfil promptly and completely all contractual obligations and to process justifiable claims without hesitation or delay.    

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