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Representing our member dealers for over thirty years
The Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association
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Association Profile

  • MUCDA is nothing new. It was established in 1991, to represent car dealers in Manitoba. MUCDA has a presence before the Provincial legislature and becomes involved with the regulatory agencies whenever necessary.

  • MUCDA is the only professional trade Association in Manitoba representing the independent used car dealer. The Association is organized to assure that control of the policies and activities of the Association is in the hands of active dealer members.

  • MUCDA is dedicated to combating legislation that is unfavourable to motor vehicle dealers. Alone, a single dealer has little chance of successfully combating legislation and rules that will be harmful to his/her business. Dealers who are united under the MUCDA banner have a voice that is commanding and powerful.

  • Important news and information about the automobile industry are mailed to members through the MUCDA newsletter. These publications will keep you informed on issues likely to affect your business.

  • MUCDA is recognized throughout Manitoba as the official voice of the automobile dealer. The Association has an established record of accomplishment and fair dealing. Representatives of MUCDA are welcomed and respected by officials of every regulatory agency that deals with the used car industry.

  • MUCDA proudly includes in its membership dealers of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Its strength is in the devotion of its individual members. So whether your business is large or small, you are urged to join the progressive Association, an Association dedicated to serving you.

Why Membership?

Why belong to the Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association? Primarily because you are in the business, and because as a member of the M.U.C.D.A. you have a voice in your industry, similar to the voice you have in your community through your vote and civic activities. You owe a certain amount of responsibility to your business, in which you make your living.

In the business world today an Association is an absolute necessity. Without an Association there would be no way of keeping abreast of what is going on in the fields which are important to your business.

Sure, you can get information of a sort, independently, but the M.U.C.D.A. is your agency, working constantly in your interest and keeping you informed of the latest developments, which might vitally affect your business, and advise you how to meet the situation.

It is only natural and logical that trade problems should be handled through an Association; therefore, the Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association must be strong, efficient and have the cooperation and support of dealers throughout the province.

Doctors, dentists, and lawyers safeguard and protect the health, personal and collective rights of the people of this country. They have learned the value of collective action and are proud of their respective Associations. The Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association is just as valuable and necessary to the health and welfare of the automotive trade in Manitoba.

Downloadable Membership information and application form

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